What is Activism?

An activist is someone who is not willing to let a situation go unnoticed. It is an individual who feels so passionately about a topic, they just can’t help doing something to learn more, to raise awareness among others, and to bring about change.

A GMO Activist isn’t satisfied with what the media, or a huge corporation’s PR machine, tells them to think.

A GMO Activist is a sponge for knowledge… watching documentaries, reading books, and following articles written by credible sources in order to gain the broadest possible perspective on the topic of world agriculture, hunger, poverty, and the environment.

A GMO Activist always looks for the underlying study reference or source of information—and then reads the study or source to see whether the article interpreted it correctly, or whether the article was sponsored or paid for by a third party—in order to obtain accurate, first-hand, scientific information.

A GMO Activist is someone who cares how everything is made—from food and cotton clothing, to fertilizers, ethanol, and so-called “environmentally friendly” corn-based forks and cups—with the goal of understanding the manufacturing process and how it affects other humans, countries, and the global environment.

A GMO Activist is someone who thinks about how each and every purchase they make not only impacts their own health, but impacts other sectors, other humans, other livelihoods, and our global environment.

A GMO Activist can’t keep their knowledge to themselves. They start blogs. They tweet and post on social media. They download brochures to give to friends, family members, and their doctor. They join others in global marches. They talk to everyone they know.

A GMO Activist never rests until the change they seek is realized.