Find Your Passion

From a very young age, and even into our teens, we believe and trust that most things are done the right way… that adults are looking after our safety, that businesses care about the preservation of nature for future generations, and that our government is doing everything just right.

We don’t analyze every TV commercial to uncover its true message, identify the corporate bias, or recognize the underlying intentions of the ads to target us kids. Instead, our emotions are clean, fresh, and when we speak, we most often speak truthfully.

So when adults present us with information about the many issues that are affecting our planet today, when they explain the facts to us with kindness and wisdom, and provide us with a true global perspective, this kind of balanced information brings forth a natural response from us: to help and make things better or right.

Once we understand the difference between what is best or worst for us, what will damage the environment or help protect the future of the environment, we can’t help but be inspired. We take charge, we form a voice, we speak up, and that’s what transforms us into passionate, involved, responsible youth.

I have many passions, from poverty, to ocean acidification, child labor, animal cruelty, and the list goes on. I encourage every one of you to take the first step: find your passion, feel the passion within. Because without an internal passion, it will be a very difficult road to stay focused and motivated for the many years that it will take to create change.

The next step is to educate yourself about the topic you are most passionate about. Dig deep, don’t believe everything you see on TV and hear in the media. Track down the research, read the studies, keep an open mind.

Once you have done those first two steps, then you will know you are ready for the final step: to take action.

– Rachel Parent, Youth Activist