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Corporations Want to Control Your Food

Over the past two decades, several huge corporations have shifted their focus as chemical corporations to rebrand themselves as “agriculture” companies,  in support of the genetically modified crops they developed that are “hard-wired” for their chemicals.

Not only does this create incredible profits for them in the form of intellectual property seed patents, corporate-controlled agriculture contracts, and chemical sales, but it has caused a massive increase in the use of agricultural pesticides, resulting in some of the highest rates of cancer and disease rates in their own nation.

Rachel Parent Wants to Tell the World

Now the Corporations are Fighting Back

Rachel and other GMO activists like her have caused a ripple in the confidence of the huge corporations that are invested in the control of agriculture and genetic engineering. In response, they have initiated a massive misinformation marketing campaign to shift the public’s knowledge and perceptions. Their tactics have included:

  • Rebranding themselves: each of these former chemical corporations are now calling themselves “sustainable agriculture” companies;
  • Distributing new pro-GMO activity books and coloring books to school children;
  • Peppering the landscape with outdoor ads that appear to represent “American Farmers;”
  • Hiring Front Groups to spin positive press throughout the media including sponsored media interviews with paid “experts;” and
  • Smearing the reputation of any scientist whose research shows biotech crops in a negative light.

The result? Their false message of “feeding the world” is causing no end of confusion among the public.

Their ultimate goal? To prevent your right to know what’s in your food. “Business as usual” will ensure their profit margins and keep their multi-national shareholders happy.

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In order for the truth to be heard, in order for one young woman’s voice to rise above the millions of dollars these corporations are spending to muddy the facts, we are reaching out to you with our first-ever fundraising request.

By making a donation to Kids Right to Know, you can have a direct impact on GMO awareness by helping us develop truthful educational materials and videos, larger awareness events, and broader media outreach.

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Benefits of Supporting Kids Right to Know

  • To help children (and their families) learn about GMOs.
  • To help children and youth change their eating habits.
  • To encourage school cafeterias to embrace healthier food.
  • To help children, youth, and their families live healthier lives.
  • To teach children and youth to think for themselves.
  • To help children and youth feel empowered to effect change.
  • To help children and youth develop compassion for the environment.
  • To further the GMO Labeling effort in Canada.
  • To further GMO awareness around the world.
  • To make a profound difference for our collective future.

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