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Collective Evolution Podcast Episode 4, 2016

16 Year Old GMO Activist “crashes” Monsanto Shareholder Meeting

CBC Radio Vancouver, The Early Edition with Rick Cluff Left Coast Naturals’ president and co-founder Ian Walker and Rachel Parent are interviewed about GMOs (Pictured Above)

DreamVisions 7 Radio
“One of our principle activists in the GMO fight up here in Canada is 16 year old Rachel Parent and her Kids Right To Know Club. This young lady rocks and is an excellent debater and communicator and a hell of a nice kid ta boot!!! She really knows her stuff and I wouldn’t want to debate her!” – Ron Fuller

Listen to Rachel’s interview by clicking the small “AudioAcrobat” link at the end of this article:

KCAA Radio 1050 AM

October 24, 2013

Saturdays with Ted Woloshyn

(Pictured above)
September 7, 2013

Lisa Live Radio Show

October 27, 2012