Power of Youth

If you’re overwhelmed by all the news lately regarding genetically modified organisms in our food supply, take solace in the fact that all kinds of people are stepping forward. Strong voices are ringing out to protect our future and to ensure that everyone has access to safe and fresh food.

Many of these voices are Canada’s youth… Our voices CAN and DO make a difference!

We’re not just the future of our country and our world, we MAKE the future.

Says Rachel:

“It is very important now to work at informing everyone as quickly as possible. My wish is that GMOs will be labeled, creating more awareness, and leading to a reduced consumer demand for foods containing GMOs. I would like to know that our future is safe and in perfect balance with nature, with plenty of fresh, local organic farming to supply everyone.”

Help Avert the GMO Crisis with These Five Easy Steps

  1. Learn more: watch a movie, read a book, follow Rachel on Twitter, or on her Kids Right to Know Facebook page.
  2. Sign our current petition to Rona Ambrose, and if you want to take it one step further, sign an additional petition about GMO Labeling in Canada.
  3. Encourage your parents to choose organic food / food labeled with the Non-GMO Project seal… your dollars are your vote!
  4. Spread the word: tell a friend, download a brochure, talk to your class
  5. Find a GMO Free group in your area and get involved with local labeling efforts, marches, and other educational events. Click here for a handy list >