A Note from Rachel

Hi everyone my name is Rachel Parent.

When I first heard about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), I was confused and angry, and will  never forget when my world was turned upside-down. Learned that we were all part of a big science experiment, and couldn’t.

believe that our government wasn’t doing any independent testing on the long-term effects of GMOs on our health and the environment. Learned that they approved GMO crops based only on the studies from the biotech companies that stood to profit from their approval.

At first I didn’t know what to do, and spent time researching  more and more, and became seriously worried about the long-term risks of GMOs.

I didn’t realize at the time that there was much more at stake than our health. There is our freedom of choice, our environment,  our water, soil, pollinators, entire global eco-systems, and our future!

Approximately 70% of the foods we now eat contain Genetically Modified Organisms and many independent, peer reviewed studies question the safety of GMOs, for our health and the environment. Ingredients such as corn, canola, soy, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and vegetable oil, found in most processed foods have a 90% chance of being genetically modified.

GMO labeling is mandatory in 64 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, Russia, China and all the countries in the European Union. But not in Canada or the USA, so my question is: WHY NOT US?

Then began to realize what I needed to do – to speak up, and tell others about it, especially our youth. So I founded a not-for-profit organization called Kids Right To Know. The main goal of this organization is to increase awareness about GMOs and the risks associated with them, and to demand mandatory GMO labeling for all the products that unsuspecting parents are feeding their families.

Since then, my anger and worry has become my strength and motivation to help make our world a better place. Ultimately, we want Freedom of Choice in what we eat, so let’s work together and get GMOs labeled here in Canada and the USA!