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The Pro-Farmer, Anti-GMO Mainstream Movie We Can All Help Bring To The World

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by Mark DeNicola
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It was several months ago that actor David Christopher reached out to me and the rest of the CE team to inform us of his upcoming feature film, “The Seed.” While intended to be visually on par with every mainstream Hollywood film that achieves distribution, what sets The Seed apart is that it is driven by a powerful truth that we all need to know: GMOs are not only dangerous for our health, they represent a serious threat to the farming industry as a whole.

The topic of GMOs is certainly not a new one here at CE, as there are now over 180 articles addressing the subject on our website alone. What’s exciting, as David himself reminded me, is that the truth behind GMOs has also begun to sweep through the mainstream media, as in the last few weeks alone:

  • Chipotle announced all restaurants will be non-GMO
  • The World Health Organization declared that Glyphosate could be carcinogenic
  • Neil Young announced the release of The Monsanto Years album
  • Dr. Oz has had a very public battle against GMO companies wanting him fired
  • National Geographic released an article about the validity of the science behind GMOs

The timing of The Seed couldn’t be more perfect and it’s up to us to help it get made and released in theatres worldwide.

To learn more about the film I encourage you all to check out its official website/ funding campaign by clicking on the following image:

Even Rachel Parent, the 15-year-old founder of Kids Right To Know (an organization with the mission of informing the public about food safety), has gotten behind the project. For those who don’t remember Rachel, she is the intelligent teen that took part in a heated debate with Kevin O’Leary about food that went viral – see more HERE.

Whether or not you are able to support the project, be sure to stay in the loop on everything The Seed related via social media by following both their Facebook and Twitter page. Production is set to begin on July 4th, 2015 for a film that just might bring things to a tipping point, allowing us to shape a new and better world – one without GMOs.


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